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About the Conference

Traffic Safety Lebanon Conference 2025 The United Nations has launched its Sustainability Development Goals which specified that road deaths need to be halved by 50% by 2020. This has prompted a greater focus on road safety with significant consideration made on evidence-based road safety strategies to achieve this goal. The authorities are currently gearing themselves up for a steep growth in population and are upgrading their transportation network accordingly.

The lack of road safety culture in Lebanon is the biggest challenge that the Lebanese government faces in their efforts to make the roads safer to drive on. The attitudes towards speeding, changing lanes without warning, dangerous overtaking, tailgating, mobile phone usage whilst driving, and ignoring traffic lights in many instances are only a few of the issues that the Lebanese government needs to address to keep the roads safer.

The Traffic Safety Lebanon Conference 2025 is about educating and raising awareness on the general do's and don’ts on the road, as well as providing exhibitors with exclusive opportunities to meet senior government officials, senior police representatives, fire and rescue safety officers, policymakers, industry executives, engineers, fleet managers, safety professionals and the public.