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  1. Addressing the importance for local government to adopt safe construction practices for streets and roads
  2. Assessing the use of traffic modeling systems to improve design and manage traffic flows
  3. Spotlighting smart signaling technologies that can assist traffic movement
  4. Investigating the latest camera technologies to effectively enforce speed limits
  5. Discussing the best practices in fleet management to improve road safety
  6. Analysing the most advanced crash barriers that adopted to save lives in the event of crashes
  7. Improving safety through technology: Utilising advanced traffic management systems to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow
  8. Assessing the use of smart signaling to facilitate better traffic management in times of low traffic density
  9. Assessing the safe system approach to develop better roads in Lebanon
  10. Examining the principles of the safe system approach that will help reduce injuries and fatalities on Lebanon’s roads
  11. Creating a safer environment by imposing tough enforcement policy - Deterring drivers from dangerous driving by imposing tougher fines
  12. Examining the effectiveness of CSR and education campaigns in promoting transport safety in Lebanon
  13. Creating awareness among youth and children through awareness campaigns in schools, high schools and universities.
  14. International best practice case studies: Developing the world’s safest roads
  15. Changing the mindset of youth to promote better drivers amongst those most likely to cause accidents
  16. Examining best practices in road work management to minimize accidents
  17. Planning and managing road works to reduce traffic around work zones
  18. Minimizing fatalities through the efficient delivery of medical care on the roadside
  19. Improving road safety by developing safer vehicles: Implementing laws on imports to encourage the inclusion of a wide roster of safety features on new cars
  20. Analyzing the role of social media in shaping attitudes to road safety
  21. PANEL DISCUSSION: Examining the role of speed in road safety


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