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About Traffic Safety Lebanon Expo 2025

Traffic Safety Lebanon Expo 2025 is a platform that helps the regulators in Lebanon to create safety awareness on the roads.
It features not only the latest trends and innovative solutions in traffic safety, but highlights effective safety models and best practices that should be implemented on the roads of Lebanon.


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Lebanese Red Cross Road Accidents Report 2023

Traffic safety has been a major issue in Lebanon; however none of the governments have committed to any serious measures to tackle this issue. There have been a few minor attempts to regulate the traffic but these actions were limited and never continuous.
Accidents in Lebanon Accidents
Accidents Injuries in Lebanon Injuries
Accidental death in Lebanon Dead


Why attend Traffic Safety Lebanon Conference 2025?


An international speaker faculty talk about global and regional best practices that can be implemented to improve safety in Lebanon’s road networks


The latest safety solutions, strategies and technologies that can be utilised in Lebanon to prevent accidents on roads


With the government stakeholders and position your company to win business in Lebanon’s fast developing road safety industry